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The Securities Litigation Review

Edition 2

Published: July 2016Contents


Editor's Q&A

This second edition of The Securities Litigation Review is a guided introduction to the international varieties of enforcing rights related to the issuance and exchange of publicly traded securities.

Unlike most of its sister international surveys, this review focuses on litigation – how rights are created and vindicated against the backdrop of courtroom proceedings. Accordingly, this volume amounts to a cross-cultural review of the disputing process. While the subject matter is limited to securities litigation, which may well be the world’s most economically significant form of litigation, any survey of litigation is in great part a survey of procedure as much as substance.

As the chapters that follow make clear, there is great international variety in private litigation procedure as a tool for securities enforcement. At one extreme is the United States, with its broad access to courts, relatively permissive pleading requirements, expansive pretrial discovery rules, readily available class-action principles and generous fee incentives for plaintiffs’ lawyers. At the other extreme lie jurisdictions like China, where private securities litigation is complex, expensive, seldom remunerative and accordingly quite rare. As the survey reveals, there are many intermediate points in this continuum, as each jurisdiction has evolved a private enforcement regime reflecting its underlying civil litigation system, as well as the imperatives of its securities markets.

The ambition of this volume is to provide readers with a point of entry to these wide varieties of regulations, regulatory authorities and enforcement mechanisms. The country-by-country treatments that follow are selective rather than comprehensive, designed to facilitate a sophisticated first look at securities regulation in comparative international perspectives, and to provide a high-level road map for lawyers and their clients confronted with a need to prosecute or defend securities litigation in a jurisdiction far from home.

A further ambition of this review is to observe and report important regulatory and litigation trends, both within and among countries. This perspective reveals several significant patterns that cut across jurisdictions. Since the financial crisis of 2008, nearly every jurisdiction has reported an across-the-board uptick in securities litigation activity. Many of the countries featured in this volume have seen increased public enforcement, notably including more frequent criminal prosecutions for alleged market manipulation and insider trading, often featuring prosecutors seeking heavy fines and even long prison terms.

Many thanks to all the superb lawyers who contributed to this second edition. For the editor, reviewing these chapters has been a fascinating tour of the securities litigation world, and we hope it will prove to be the same for our readers. Contact information for our contributors is included in Appendix 2. We welcome comments, suggestions and questions, both to create a community of interested practitioners and to ensure that each edition improves on the last.