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The Sports Law Review

Edition 2

Published: December 2016Contents


Editor's Q&A

i) What are the hot topics?

The Sports Law Review recognises that sports law is not a single legal topic, but rather a field of law that is related to a wide variety of legal areas, such as contract, corporate, IP, civil procedure, arbitration and criminal law. In addition, it covers the local legal frameworks that allows sports federations and sports governing bodies to set up their own internal statutes and regulations, as well as to enforce these regulations in relation to their members and other affiliated persons. While the statutory laws of a particular jurisdiction apply, as a rule, only within the borders of that jurisdiction, such statutes and regulations, if enacted by international sports governing bodies such as FIFA, UEFA, FIS, IIHF, IAAF and WADA have a worldwide reach.

ii) Tell us about any key legal developments – recent or pending – and their international impact.

While sports law has an important international dimension, local laws remain relevant in respect of all matters not covered by the statutes and regulations of the sports governing bodies, as well as in respect of local mandatory provisions that may prevail over or invalidate certain provisions of regulations enacted by sports governing bodies.

iii) What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for practitioners and clients?

Sports lawyers that intend to act internationally or globally must be familiar with international private norms if and to the extent that they intend to advise federations, clubs and athletes that are affiliated with such sports governing bodies. In addition, they should also be familiar with relevant practice of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland, as far as it acts as the supreme legal body in sport-related disputes. Likewise, these practitioners should have at least a basic understanding of the Swiss rules on domestic and international arbitration as Swiss law is the lex arbitri in CAS arbitration.