Lundgrens is a limited liability partnership with 31 partners and associated partners, including 27 shareholders. Together, the company partners constitute the supreme management body. The partners have appointed a board of directors, which is responsible for the overall management and strategic development of the company.

Lundgrens is divided into a number of practice areas, each covering different areas of the law. Each practice area is headed by one of the company’s shareholders. Business is about people. About their fate, future and dreams. So the stakes are high when it comes to selecting a legal advisor. The Lundgrens’ philosophy is simple: The person with the most knowledge about you and your business is also the one best suited to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. Therefore, you will see the same advisor throughout your working relationship with Lundgrens.

At Lundgrens, quality, professionalism, specialist knowledge and commercial understanding are given factors. It is the high personal commitment of each individual member of our team which ultimately creates the trust and additional efforts necessary to provide simple and surprising solutions to complex issues.

We are Lundgrens, which means that we all work and think in the same way as your active business partners. We do not measure our success by our size but rather by being among the best in our areas of expertise. We take your business personally and we all strive to deliver the best possible results to you.

Tuborg Havnevej 19
2900 Hellerup
Tel: +45 3525 2535
Fax: +45 3525 2536