Armando Arenas joined Olivares in 2000 and became a partner in 2017. His areas of practice are pharmaceutical law, IP litigation and enforcement. He has detailed regulatory expertise regarding health law, and provides strategic advice in complex patent litigations cases and dispute resolutions. Armando’s clients and deal experience include all segments of the industry – pharma, biotech, medtech, diagnostics, animal health, vaccines and health services. He also represents life sciences companies before the Mexican courts, and has handled the following relevant cases:

a   Restoration of a patent’s life term granted under provisions of Article 12 transitional (pipeline patents).

b   Infringement actions of patents covering pharmaceutical products declared final and beyond appeal against generics companies.

c   The first case in Mexico where it was resolved that the revocation of the marketing authorisation of a pharmaceutical product was in violation of a formulation patent listed in the Linkage Gazette.

d   The first case in Mexico of a use patent being effectively enforced in Mexico related to public tender.

e   The unconstitutionality of Article 167 bis of the Health Supplies Regulation, as it does not provide the right of the titleholder of a patent to be heard during the prosecution of the marketing authorisation.

f   The first case in Mexico enforcing the linkage system in order that the local regulatory agency consider a use patent included in the Linkage Gazette for allopathic medicines.

Armando has a bachelor’s degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1995). His languages are English and Spanish.