Anna Masuttiā€™s practice covers the main areas of air and space law. Anna advises on litigation, insurance claims, airline liability, leasing and other commercial transactions involving aircraft, and a wide variety of regulatory matters concerning airlines and airports.
She has wide experience in drawing up contracts for the aviation sector, in particular for aircraft purchases or sales and relevant financing and guarantee systems, in the area of insurance and reinsurance (hull, goods and liability) and in aviation litigation and alternative dispute resolution. She regularly assists clients applying for air operator certificates, operating licences and other types of authorisation or permission from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority. National and European Union competition law is another field in which Anna is an expert. She is the author of various books on air law, including a widely used university textbook. Anna is tenured professor of air law at the University of Bologna, where she lectures on air law and company law. She also coordinates the School of Aviation Management at the University of Bologna. She is the editor of The Aviation and Space Journal of the University of Bologna and committee member of the European Air Law Association.