James Langenfeld is a managing director and principal at Navigant Economics, and is the head of the antitrust and competition practice. He is also an adjunct professor at Loyola University School of Law and Editor of Research in Law and Economics. As a consultant, he provides economic analyses in the context of litigation, regulation and economic policy that relate to competition and antitrust, intellectual property, class certification, damages and the impact of government actions. In over 25 years as a professional economist, he has done extensive work in many industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, insurance, petroleum, chemicals, motor vehicles, defence and aerospace and tobacco, and on a wide variety of other consumer and industrial products. Dr Langenfeld regularly testifies for private parties and government agencies engaged in litigation and regulatory proceedings at the federal and state levels in the US, as well as in Europe, Canada and other countries. He worked on hundreds of mergers while working at the FTC, and has worked in consulting since leaving the FTC.