focuses on all aspects of EU competition law, including cartel, parallel imports and abuse of dominance investigations (including internal investigations and leniency applications); complaints and litigation; merger clearance; state aid investigations; and complaints and counselling. He advises clients across a wide variety of industry sectors, from basic industries (construction materials, chemicals) to consumer goods, including service industries (telecommunications, transport, banking, media and sports).

Mr Louis also advises on other aspects of EU regulatory law, including product regulations and data protection. He has been centrally involved in pioneering transparency litigation, having won a series of cases mandating freedom of access to information held by the EU institutions. He also litigates and represents clients before Dutch, French and Belgian courts (including antitrust damages claims) and competition authorities..

Mr Louis’s litigation experience before the EU courts ranges over various aspects (including freedom of commerce and constitutional issues) with a focus on competition litigation. Mr Louis has argued cases before the Grand Chamber of both the GC and the ECJ of the EU.