Mr Seuk Joon Lee is a senior foreign counsel and vice chair of the antitrust practice group at Yulchon, and primarily practises in the areas of antitrust, medicine and pharmaceutical, and broadcasting and telecommunications. At Yulchon, Mr Lee has handled antitrust matters in all practice areas including cartels, merger reviews, abuses of market dominance and unfair trade practices. For example, Mr Lee has successfully represented many companies in domestic and international cartels involving products and services such as LPG, air cargo, marine hoses, copy paper, beverages, life insurance and credit rating services. He has also successfully represented many international and domestic companies in merger review cases, including Texas Instrument’s acquisition of National Semiconductor and Lotte Shopping’s acquisition of GS Mart.

As the head of Yulchon’s healthcare practice team, Mr Lee has also successfully represented many prominent Korean and international pharmaceutical companies regarding antitrust issues, including unfair trade practices.

Prior to joining Yulchon in 2006, Mr Lee spent over 21 years working for government agencies such as the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), the Economic Planning Board and the Ministry of Information and Communication. At the KFTC, he took a leading role in investigating many historically important antitrust cases in Korea, including abuse of market dominance cases involving Microsoft, Intel and Qualcomm. In addition, Mr Lee took a prominent role in the development of fair trade policies and the revisions of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act (MRFTA) and relevant regulations, in particular as they relate to large Korean conglomerates.

Mr Lee has published many articles, including ‘Recognition of Leniency Status for Companies under the Common Control’ (Competition Journal No. 143, 2009), ‘Comparative Study on the US and EU Regulation Concerning Price Squeezes of Vertical Integrated Companies’ (Competition Journal No. 144, 2009) and ‘Review on Competition Law Issues in Online Distributors’ Business Combinations’ (Competition Journal No. 145, 2009).

Mr Lee received his JD from Syracuse Law School in 1999 and a master’s degree in accounting from Syracuse University Graduate School of Management in 2000. He has been a member of the New York Bar since 2000 and AICPA in New York since 2001.