Ilias G Anagnostopoulos has appeared as lead counsel in most of the significant corporate and criminal cases in Greece during the past 20 years and is an associate professor of criminal law and criminal procedure at the School of Law, University of Athens. He has extensive experience in most types of business crime, financial fraud, European criminal law, tax and customs fraud, medical malpractice, product criminal liability, environmental liability, compliance, money laundering, corruption practices, anticompetitive practices and cartel offences, anti-terrorism, extradition and mutual assistance. His many publications in Greek, English and German deal with matters of Hellenic, European and international criminal law, business and financial crimes, reform of criminal procedure and human rights. He is chair of the Hellenic Criminal Bar Association and a member of the Criminal Law Committee of the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of Europe (chair, 2007 to 2013), the Criminal Law Experts Commission (Ministry of Justice) and FraudNet of the Commercial Crime Services of the International Chamber of Commerce.