Giuseppe Rumi has been a partner at BonelliErede since 2006. His practice focuses on banking and financial law, with a particular emphasis on regulatory issues.

He provides cutting-edge advice to major international and local banks, investment
firms and asset management companies. He assists clients on all types of licence and
authorisation procedures, as well as in analysing the impact of new regulations on the internal organisation, processes, policies and rules of banks and financial intermediaries. His work includes advice on anti-money laundering issues, and assistance on inspection and penalty processes undertaken by the Italian regulators on supervised entities.

Since 2001, Mr Rumi has been involved in some of the most important mergers
and acquisitions in the Italian banking sector and has specific experience in assisting
multinationals interested in working in Italian regulated sectors. He regularly sits on panels of Italian associations that deal with prudential supervision and complex and innovative financial techniques for both the banking sector and finance companies.