Ed is a qualified chartered accountant and has been involved in a variety of litigation support, proceeds of crime, regulatory investigations, enforcement actions and insolvency matter.

Ed leads the regulatory team at Baker & Partners. He has been appointed liquidator of a fiduciary services business under just and equitable provisions, having driven similar cases in the past. He has also been appointed liquidator of a fiduciary services business under summary winding up provisions, both appointments following regulatory enforcement action.

He has also produced reports and provided support for financial services businesses which have assisted them in meeting their obligations under the law, as a result of which he has delivered practical and realistic advice as to strategic options and operational matters. Ed also acts for the Viscount in more complicated insolvency matters and asset freezing cases and has contributed to what is considered to be the leading textbook on insolvency and asset tracking in Jersey: Jersey Insolvency and Asset Tracking, 4th Edition by Dessain & Wilkins.

Ed has also delivered training courses on topics of corporate governance and risk management, speaks at conferences on topics relating to offshore financial centres and writes regularly on associated topics.