Alfonso Monroy has worked at Santamarina y Steta, SC, since January 2005. He also worked at Paul Hastings’ New York office from September 2012 to September 2013. 

He graduated from the school of law of the Universidad la Salle, AC, and received his master of laws degree from Northwestern University School of Law, as well as a Certificate in Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. 

He has represented Mexican and US underwriters and Mexican issuers in various equity and debt offerings in the United States, Europe and Mexico, including the drafting of all necessary Mexican and US law-governed documentation. He has also represented US and Mexican issuers in the initial and follow-on offerings of several of the first real estate investment trusts, and has reviewed, negotiated and drafted financing and infrastructure documents, including legal and title opinions, public and private bids, and acquisitions in regulatory sectors. Mr Monroy has drafted, reviewed and negotiated documents related to acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, asset and stock purchases, the restructuring of private and public companies, banking and securities, credit agreements, the irrevocable transfer of domain trusts, guaranty trusts, mortgages and credit restructurings. He has represented domestic borrowers and domestic and foreign lenders on secured, unsecured and restructured loans, leveraged lease structures, syndicated lending and corporate financing and refinancing. He has coordinated due diligence, performed legal research and drafted legal memoranda. Mr Monroy represented Mexican issuers in drafting various documentation for CNBV and US Security and Exchange Commission filings, including disclosure requirements. He participated in aircraft regulatory and financing transactions with Mexican aviation authorities, such as the General Bureau of Civil Aeronautics and the Mexican Aviation Registry. He assisted international clients in forming numerous subsidiaries for foreign companies, and advised them on the legal requirements and regulatory aspects in connection therewith.