Ekaterina Vasina is a senior attorney at Alrud Law Firm. Her principal areas of practice are: private clients; mergers and acquisitions; civil, corporate and antitrust law; commercial and civil deals; and arbitration procedures.

She graduated with an honours degree from the law department of the Lipetsk State Technical University, with a specialisation in civil law.

During her studies at university, Ekaterina worked as an attorney for a Russian consulting company. She joined Alrud Law Firm as a junior attorney in 2008 and was promoted to the position of senior attorney in May 2011.

During this period she has been involved in due diligence processes in the context of merges and acquisitions (M&A), purchasing of assets and IPO projects (mainly in respect of corporate and commercial issues); prepared documents for FAS approval of M&A transactions; and consulted on civil, corporate and antitrust law. Ekaterina has experience of legal support for commercial deals and M&A projects, and for other corporate activities. Among Ekaterina’s clients are the management of TNK-BP, Moody’s, Nibe, Inmarko LLC and many others whom she has successfully advised on the numerous issues arising in relation to her specialisation.