José María specialises in the public procurement, urban development, public infrastructures and energy sectors. He joined Clifford Chance as an associate lawyer in March 2007, after previously working in the administrative law department at the firm of Pérez-Llorca Abogados (2002–2006) and as an in-house lawyer with the ACS Group (2006–2007). 

He has a law degree from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid (1999). Masters in Corporate Legal Advisory Services (MAJ) from the Madrid Business Institute (2001–2002). Frequent speaker at various conferences on energy. He specialises in the energy, environmental, public infrastructures, public procurement and urban development sectors, among others.

His recent relevant experience includes advising Asociación Empresarial Fotovoltaica on the legislative changes approved by the government, affecting PV plants, and on legal avenues for challenging those changes, advising Ardian on the acquisition of a 10 per cent stake in the Spanish oil distribution and storage company CLH and advising financial institutions on the potential placement in the market of the right acquired from Enagas to recover the indemnity paid to the former concessionaire of Project Castor.