Ms Dong is a partner in the Beijing office, specialising in the areas of foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, and data protection, information and cybersecurity law. She represents Fortune 500 corporations and other global enterprises, and Chinese state-owned and private companies, as well as financial services firms, including private equity firms.

In her corporate law practice, Ms Dong guides inbound investors through all stages of operating in China, from market investigation to market entry and business expansion (including incorporating PRC entities and mergers and acquisitions). In addition, she represents prominent Chinese companies in outbound direct investments. Her clients include industry leaders in education, manufacturing and internet and telecommunications services.

She also advises clients on all aspects of data protection, information and cybersecurity law, with a special emphasis on information privacy (consumers, employees and patients), data security and breaches, and international data transfers. Ms Dong helps clients navigate China’s complex and sector-specific policy and regulatory landscape. Her clients include national and international information technology vendors, internet service providers, data brokers, retailers and distributors, and manufacturers of medical, industrial and consumer products.