Tony DongWook Kang is the partner in charge of the cross border litigations of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC.

Tony’s practice is focused on litigation in the fields of civil, commercial (including post M&A disputes and hostile takeovers), control disputes, white collar crimes, product liabilities, real estate and finance. He served as a judge for 12 years in the Korean judiciary before joining Bae, Kim & Lee LLC in 2006 in various posts starting from the Seoul Criminal District Court and the Seoul Civil District Court to the Seoul High Court of Appeals. He earned respect from his peers while serving as a judge through his diligence, devotion, and legal mind which is why, for instance, he was awarded in 2004 as the most valuable judge in the DaeGu district. This experience as a judge and praise from his peers inevitably seasons Tony’s ability in vigorously achieving satisfaction of and success for his clients in a wide spectrum of various cases. Tony represented not only Koreans, but also parties from USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Canada, China, Ukraine, Great Britain, Lebanon, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and more, in various Korean lawsuits conducted in Korean courts, of which all was successful in its nature of the dispute.

As a leading Chambers & Partners lawyer of the Asia-Pacific, Tony also actively participates in professional and academic seminars and is a favored speaker in his field. He is a visiting professor in various law schools in Seoul, while is also an active member of the Society of Civil Precedents and the International Association of Defense Counsel. Tony also authored various theses and articles dealing with topics such as commercial disputes, civil liens, commercial leases, accounting books and records, and divorce.

Tony received his bachelor degree from the School of Law, Seoul National University(1991; cum laude) and his master degree(LL.M.) from Harvard Law School(2002). He is fluent in English and frequently serves as arbitrators for domestic and international arbitrations. Tony enjoys playing tennis and won various championships in the Supreme Court, Seoul Bar, Hyatt Olympus tournaments.