Mr Evangelista graduated from Escuela Libre de Derecho and has 10 years of experience in environmental law. His main area of concentration is in providing assistance to companies with operations in Mexico with respect to environmental regulatory compliance.
He formerly worked in the Environmental Protection Office of the Federal District
(Mexico City) and then acted as legislative advisor in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico’s Federal Congress during the 60th legislature.
His professional practice comprises the matters of hazardous wastes, national waters, transference and remediation of polluted sites, environmental assessments, among others. He participated in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Questionnaire supervised by the Cyrus R Vance Centre for International Justice and has published articles such as the ‘Environment Global Guide 2015/16. The importance of the public consultations during the process to obtain the Environmental Impact Authorization
for the development of renewable energies’ projects,’ the ‘Virtual Round Table, Corporate Live Wire. Environment Law Roundtable 2016’ and the ‘World Bank Group. Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2016.’