Tognetti Law’s main partner, Silvania Tognetti is both a national and international expert in tax law, and is regarded for her versatility, deep understanding within various legal areas, and creativity. These features can be seen by the diversity of clients and the successful projects carried out throughout her career, which includes the public sector (the State Attorney of Rio de Janeiro, Representative of the Federal Revenue before the Board of Contributors of Rio de Janeiro and Secretary of Finance of Rio de Janeiro), enterprises (investment banks, international tax consultancy), and law firms (attorney in corporate reorganisation, mergers and acquisitions, administrative and judicial tax litigation, and succession planning). Since 2006, Mrs Tognetti has been recommended as a tax lawyer by Chambers Global. She attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (JD, 1993), the graduate programme (1994) and holds a master’s degree (2001) from Universidade Cândido Mendes in Rio de Janeiro. She also has a PhD from the University of São Paulo (2009). Her professional memberships include ABDF, IFA, IBA, ABA, IBDT and the Chambers of Commerce of Brazil–Italy and Brazil–Portugal.