Sungbum Lee, an attorney qualified in Korea and New York, is a partner at Yoon & Yang, whose main practice areas include customs, international trade and foreign investments. Sungbum majored in computer science and law at the Korea University, and obtained his LLM degree at the New York University Law School as class of 2009. After passing the Korean bar in 2002, he joined the Ministry of Trade of the Korean government and took the responsibility on international trade-related matters, including WTO, FTA and BIT for eight years. Mr Lee participated as a representative of the Korean government in a number of Free Trade Agreement negotiations, for example, the Korea–US FTA, Korea–Canada FTA, Korea–ASEAN FTA and Korea–EU FTA, and in a number of WTO cases. He also assists private companies dealing with trade affairs in daily business operations. In particular, Sungbum successfully represented domestic and foreign companies in the recent FTA origin verification proceedings and anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations conducted by the Korean and foreign governments. Based on such contributions, he received a citation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015, from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation in 2016, and from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2017.