Cephas is an advocate licensed to practise in all courts of judicature in Uganda. He is a distinguished legal and tax consultant and has carried out a number of consultancy assignments within Uganda for various ministries and government bodies and outside Uganda for the EAC, GIZ, IFC and the World Bank. Cephas is the managing partner of Birungyi, Barata & Associates and has previously worked in various capacities with the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), representing the URA in the Parliamentary Committee of Finance and advising on the drafting of the Income Tax Act 1997 of Uganda. He also represented the URA in drafting the Tax Appeals Tribunal Act and represented the Authority on various matters before the Tribunal. He headed the Quality Assurance Section of the Income Tax Department for six years and was the chair of the Quality Assurance Committee of the East African Revenue Authorities Technical Committee. He is currently retained by International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank group) as a consultant in taxation. Cephas is also an approved tax agent..