Barrister Fahad Bin Qader has over three years’ experience working in corporate law chambers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After being been called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn, Mr Qader specialised in corporate law focusing on mediation and arbitration.

Currently he serves as the head of corporate law at Counsels Law Partners located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At CLP Mr Qader primarily oversees documentation tasks and acts as a consulting lawyer for several medium to large companies and business entities. He has been involved in the past in drafting and formulating mediation processes for his clients, attending arbitration tribunals in Dhaka on various matters and providing opinions on complex legal issues to foreign clients. Mr Qader is a keen follower of recent developments in ADR-related law and procedure in Bangladesh.

Prior to venturing into corporate law he used to teach contract law as a lecturer at the London College of Legal Studies South in Dhaka, Bangladesh.