Dr. Makholm concentrates on the issues surrounding the privatization, regulation and operation of resource and infrastructure industries—including those that operate networks (such as oil and gas pipelines, electricity transmission and gas distribution systems, telecommunications and water utility systems) and those operating at specific sites, such as oil refineries, electricity generation plants, oil and gas storage facilities, gas treatment plants, mines, sewage treatment plants and airports. Disputes for such industries include the broad categories of valuation, pricing, market definition (including assessments of market power and mergers) and the components of reasonable regulatory and business practices.

On such issues, among others, Dr. Makholm has prepared expert testimony, reports and statements, and has appeared as an expert witness on more than 250 occasions in LCIA, AAA, International Chamber of Commerce and ICSID cases, high courts in a number of countries (including U.S. District courts), regulatory commissions and Parliamentary panels. In the Who’s Who Legal Guide to Arbitration, the “superb” Dr. Makholm was singled out for his work as an expert witness. Who’s Who Guide to Consulting Experts (Quantum of Damages) reported that Dr. Makholm “is extremely knowledgeable and well thought of as an expert witness.”