Chaim is recognized as one of the leading professionals in the field of Anticorruption Compliance in Israel, with over eight years of experience in this relatively new field and having established and implemented one of the first and most comprehensive anticorruption policies under Israeli’s Foreign Bribery statutes. This included anticorruption compliance activity and due diligence for third parties around the globe, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

Chaim also has over a decade of experience in large complex international and Israeli defense transactions. Chaim is recognized as one of the leaders in Israel with respect to Israeli and International defense and dual use export controls regulations. He has represented corporate interests before the Israeli Knesset and the Israeli Ministry of Defense. In this capacity Chaim with also lead Shibolet & Co.’s practice in the Defense and Homeland Security Sector.

Chaim prides himself on finding solutions that provide the company with maximum legal comfort without staunching its commercial goals.

In his last position before joining Shibolet, Chaim served as Deputy General Counsel for Compliance in one of Israel’s largest defense companies.