Vilma Toshie Kutomi has over 30 years’ experience in the labour, employment, executive compensation and immigration fields.

Ms Kutomi’s labour law practice has included union negotiations in several types of collective bargaining agreements, and litigation (strike, collective actions), arising from closing down or downsizing of operations; transfer of employees; working hours; salary adjustments; harassment issues; and offshore work for different sectors (banks and traditional industries).

Ms Kutomi’s experience includes consultancy (employment agreements and amendments; compensation (including executive compensation); inbound and outbound transfer of work (expatriation); bonus plans; stock options; profit sharing plans; legal; contractual and collective bargaining agreement benefits; company policy analysis and drafting of documents; compliance policies including FCPA; working hours; allowances; outsourcing of activities; etc.) and litigation defending employers in relation to claims filed by individuals before the labour authorities, whether in the administrative or legal spheres.

Regarding immigration issues, Ms Kutomi has advised companies in different sectors with regard to analysis of compensation, and benefits related to work visas and international treaties.

Ms Kutomi is a frequent speaker at universities and legal education forums, and has published several articles in the printed media as well as in legal industry publications on labour and employment law trends.

She has been consistently recognised as one of Brazil’s leading labour and employment lawyers by Análise Editorial and other legal industry publications. She is a member of the corporate labour law committee of the Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo chapter.

She is the published author of the Bermuda chapter of Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy (6th ed 2010), Reed Elsevier (UK) Ltd.