Chloë is a real estate lawyer based in Cape Town. She focuses on property developments, property finance, renewable energy, conveyancing and various property related matters and transactions.

Chloë has extensive experience in residential, commercial and mixed-use developments (sectional title and conventional properties) including drafting of the underlying property acquisition agreements, drafting the development sale agreements to end-purchasers, project management of the conveyancing processes and registration in the relevant deeds office. Chloë works closely with financial institutions in respect of development and end-user finance, undertaking presale audits, miscellaneous small and large-scale loans and the registration of the underlying mortgage bonds as security for these loans.

Chloë has worked on numerous renewable energy projects in the South African REIPPP programme. Her skills include due diligence and land risk assessment, drafting and registering notarial deeds securing real rights in land such as long term leases, electrical and access servitudes (Eskom and private), waivers of preference and restrictions on free alienation of the land.

Chloë has experience with servitudes, notarial ties, consolidations and subdivisions of properties. Her practice involves property due diligences, which include research into current and historical title deed conditions, providing opinions on permitted uses of land and reviewing real and personal rights in immovable property.