Ahmed Farzad

Ahmed Farzad

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Ahmed Farzad is the Practice Lead of the firm’s Corporate Governance, Securities & Company Law Practice Group and specializes in company law, laws governing securities and publicly traded/ listed companies, taxation and banking and finance. Farzad is also frequently appointed by the Company Bench of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, High Court Division as court appointed Company Secretary. He also has vast experience in acting as secretary of arbitration tribunal in numerous ad-hoc arbitrations. Farzad also advises corporations in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector with market entry, legal and regulatory compliances in the jurisdiction of Bangladesh. Farzad has also represented multiple banks, non-banking financial institutions & investment/asset management firms in Bangladesh. He has also represented banks and financial institutes in a loan syndication of one major private sector power plant projects and two major construction projects. He undertakes drafting and vetting of security instruments, credit facility agreements and carries out property documents vetting before disbursement of loans to borrowers. Farzad is also accredited as a Civil Commercial Mediator and Associate Arbitrator by the ADR-ODR International, UK. He is also a member of the taxes bar and therefore has the requisite understanding of Bangladesh’s tax regime that enables him to advise his clients on commercial matters with an insight of taxation issues.

Farzad is a Barrister-at-Law called to the Bar of England and Wales. Before being trained as a Barrister and obtaining PGDiL from the City Law School at City University, Farzad obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London. Farzad is an Accredited Associate Arbitrator & Civil-Commercial Mediator, ADR-ODR Int’l, UK.

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