Alexandra Veuthey

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Alexandra Veuthey is a Swiss-qualified attorney-at-law, with postgraduate qualifications in common law. She has several years of experience in law firms and research institutes, specialising in sports law. As an attorney-at-law, she provides legal advice to sports governing bodies and athletes based in Switzerland and abroad. She represents clients in international arbitration proceedings, notably before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and in ordinary judiciary proceedings before Swiss courts, including the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

The author of numerous articles, she speaks at international conferences and renowned university programmes. She published one of the main reference works on the regulation of concussion in sport (‘Concussion in Professional Team Sports: Time for a Harmonised Approach?’, PhD dissertation, Springer, 2020).

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Edition 7

The Sports Law Review is a practical, business-focused legal guide for all relevant stakeholder groups in the area of sports, including sports business entities, sports federations, sports clubs and athletes. It analyses key recent developments and their effects on the sports law sector across major jurisdictions worldwide.

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