Ana Cecilia Gerson Anzola

Ana Cecilia Gerson Anzola

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Ana Cecilia Gerson Anzola is an of counsel at Ferran Martínez Abogados. She is an expert in Mexican, international and compared labour law. She has broad experience in this field, both in practice and in teaching and investigating. She graduated as a lawyer from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), summa cum laude. She was a lawyer in the law firm Lares, Tejera & Negrón, Caracas. Other former roles include legal consultant, Deputy Minister of Labour and External Adviser of the Ministry of Labour, Caracas, and a teacher and researcher in labour law and sociology of law at the UCV. She completed the intensive course in legal sociology at the International Institute of Legal Sociology in Oñati, Guipúzcoa, Spain, and holds a master’s in labour law from the Free School of Law (ELD). She was awarded the Roberto Goldschmidt Award for the best law student, and the Order of Merit at Work from the Ministry of Labour, Caracas. She has advised national, foreign and transnational institutions and companies. She has broad experience to render legal labour services, including integral advisory, problem prevention planning, evaluation and implementation of compliance with labour law, contracts and other documentation relating to labour relationships and collective bargaining. She is a speaker at various labour forums. She is also a professor at the Postgraduate Institute of Law, CDMX, coordinator of the Revista Laboural, CDMX, and author of several publications, including research for the ILO. She is affiliated to the Cátedra Libre del Mundo del Trabajo, Red Euro-Latinoamericana de Análisis sobre Trabajo y Sindicalismo, and Comunidad de Investigación y Estudio Laboural y Ocupacional.

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