André Luiz Freire

[email protected]

Works in Infrastructure and Energy and Project Financing practices, with a focus on Corporate Public Law. As a lawyer specialized in Administrative Law, he is dedicated to advising clients in structuring public concessions, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP's), procedure of expression of interest (PMI's), public tenders and auctions, administrative processes in regulatory agencies and in cases involving the performance of courts of accounts, including the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU). Represents construction companies, infrastructure investment funds, public works and services concessionaires and companies in the transportation, logistics, highway, railroad, port and airport modes, sanitation, metallurgy and mining, basic industry and the asset management segment. He is a professor in the Department of General Theory of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-SP), member of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian Institute of Administrative Law (IDAP), of the São Paulo Institute of Administrative Law (IDAP) and of the Brazilian Institute of Legal Studies of Infrastructure (IBEJI).

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