Anne Buhl Bjelke

Anne Buhl Bjelke

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Anne Buhl Bjelke specialises in insurance law and dispute resolution.

For several years, Anne has established corporate and regulatory insurance law as her separate field of expertise, and she is now an acknowledged expert within this field of law. 

With professionalism, Anne advises general and life insurance companies in Denmark and abroad, focusing on the commercial challenges and opportunities for the industry as such. Her advisory services include regulatory insurance law and insurance mediation. She also has special knowledge of financial sector regulation.

Anne is an experienced litigator and has argued many cases before the courts, and she has with great conviction conducted several cases on professional liability, D&O liability and product liability, as well as insurance cover.

Even at a young age, Anne was a recognised legal expert, which is illustrated by her being admitted to the list of young talents of corporate Denmark in Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin’s ‘Talent 100’ at the age of 35. She is rated as a ‘leading individual’ within insurance law by The Legal 500, and she is general agent of Lloyd’s Underwriters in Denmark.

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