Anthony Muratore

Anthony Muratore

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Anthony Muratore is recognised as one of Australia’s leading patent litigators, having practised in this area for more than 35 years. During this time, he has acted in some of the most significant patent disputes in Australia, a number of which have involved testing important aspects of patent law. These include the High Court’s ruling on whether isolated nucleic acids and methods of treatment of human beings are patentable subject matter.

Anthony has established a reputation acting as the Australian member of global teams representing clients in complex, multi-jurisdictional patent disputes since 1982. He has acted in a range of matters involving biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, chemistry and information technology. In the biotechnology and healthcare fields, he has acted in matters involving patents relating to drug formulation, transdermal drug devices, synthetic nucleotides, sterility assurance, gene silencing, photodynamic therapy, contact lenses and CPAP for the treatment of sleep apnoea.

Anthony is on the WIPO list of arbitrators and is a member and past chairman of the Intellectual Property Law Committee of the Law Council of Australia.

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