Catarina Anastácio

[email protected]

Catarina Anastácio is a consultant with the SRS competition department and former president of the executive editorial board of the Concorrência & Regulação (competition and regulation) legal review. She was a lawyer at the Portuguese Competition Authority between 2003 and 2017 (including having worked in the Restrictive Practices Department, the Studies Department, the Legal Department and for the Cabinet of the President). Previously she was a lawyer at the Portuguese Central Bank and the Portuguese Securities Market Commission, as well as a member of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State of Finance and Treasury.

She has lectured in civil procedural law, contract and tort law and property law at the University of Lisbon Law School.

Catarina was directly involved in the Damages Actions Directive negotiations, as well as in drafting the legislative proposal for its transposition in Portugal. She has lectured on private enforcement issues to different audiences, including postgraduate students, lawyers and judges.

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