Colleen Felix-Grant

[email protected]

Colleen Felix-Grant is a lawyer and is also a regulator for telecommunications and electronic communications services on the island of Dominica. In 2006 she graduated from the University of the West Indies with an LLB (upper class honours) degree; she then went on to the Hugh Wooding Law School in 2006 to obtain an LEC. She has been in private practice ever since. Her areas of practice include offshore services, real estate, corporate banking, commercial law, maritime law, intellectual property and trademarks, immigration and citizenship law, public law, succession and civil law; she continues to actively pursue many other interests, including cybersecurity and data protection regulation.

Mrs Felix-Grant obtained her LLM in computer and communications law from the Queen Mary University of London in October 2016. She currently serves as a commissioner on the Integrity Commission and on the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, and she has served as the chairperson of the Income Tax Appeal Board and Dominica Social Security Board. Mrs Felix-Grant is also a qualified court mediator.

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