Djamila Annad

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Djamila Annad joined the Algiers’ office of Gide law firm in September 2015 as of counsel in charge of energy sector issues after being advisor to the Ministry of Energy for five years. Djamila spent three decades at Sonatrach, where she held various responsibilities monitoring the implementation of industrial projects related to the hydrocarbons sector. She was an adviser to Sonatrach’s Chief Executive Officer, during which time she participated in the implementation of the Hydrocarbons Law 86-14 by negotiating more than 20 production-sharing contracts governing partnerships in upstream petroleum on behalf of Sonatrach. In August 2010, she joined the Office of the Ministry for Energy, which she left in May 2015, as an advisor in charge of partnerships issues and was also a member of the team of experts in charge to amend the Hydrocarbons Law No. 05-07, which gave rise to Law No. 13-01. Djamila was primarily in charge of the development of the new hydrocarbons taxation.

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