Florian Amereller

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Dr Florian Amereller has spent the last 25 years in the Middle East representing a broad client base of primarily multinational companies on various aspects of business in the Middle East. He also represents some Arab governments and leading entrepreneurial families in the region. Florian Amereller is fluent in Arabic and a Member of the Executive Board of the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ghorfa), a Board Member of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, a founding board member of the Society for Arab and Islamic Law (Germany) and founder or member of various other European and international associations and expert committees for legal development and reform in the Arab world. In addition to his advisory work as a lawyer, Florian Amereller frequently acts as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator and chairman in arbitration proceedings related to the Middle East. He also sits on the boards of a number of leading regional businesses. Florian Amereller holds a PhD and a LLM in Islamic Law (Islamic Banking) and has published extensively on Arab business law.

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