Frank Wijckmans

Frank Wijckmans

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Frank Wijckmans is a partner of contrast. He is active in the fields of EU and competition law and Belgian business law. Frank is an experienced negotiator, litigator and arbitrator (ICC, CEPINA, ad hoc arbitration). He is a regular speaker at conferences.

Frank graduated from the University of Antwerp and obtained a Master's degree at the University of Virginia (USA).

Frank Wijckmans is professor at the Brussels School of Competition, where he teaches "The Law of Economics of Vertical Restraints".

Frank Wijckmans has an extensive publication record in the fields of EU competition law and EU and Belgian distribution law. His most recent publications (2018) are the monograph published by Oxford University Press on 'Vertical Agreements in EU Competition Law', including motor vehicle distribution (third edition) and the monograph published by Larcier on ‘Distribution Agreements – EU – Belgium – Netherlands’. These publications are part of a pan-European publication project steered and coordinated by Frank. He edited and co-authored also a monograph published by Oxford University Press on 'Horizontal Agreements and Cartels in EU Competition Law'. In addition Frank contributed articles to a wide range of international and national law reviews.

Frank Wijckmans is a member of the Brussels Bar.

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