Gao Feng

[email protected]

Gao Feng is a senior partner at Grandall Law Firm (Beijing). He completed his undergraduate degree in law at Shangdong University, his master’s degree in international economic law at Dalian Maritime University, and has been in the law profession for over 20 years. He is a permanent member of council and a researcher in aviation legal studies for the China Law Society, and a researcher of aviation law at the research centre in the China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing. He is a visiting professor at the Civil Aviation Management College of China and China Civil Aviation University. He is also an arbitrator in the Beijing Arbitration Commission and Shanghai International Arbitration Center. He specialises in civil aviation law, corporate restructuring and other related fields.

Gao Feng used to work with China North Airlines, where he was in charge of legal affairs of the company, and established and maintained good relationships with civil aviation authorities. This has allowed him to accumulate enriching experiences. The comprehensiveness of Gao Feng’s understanding of the civil aviation industry and extensive knowledge in aviation enable him to resolve the most complex legal issues for clients. Enjoying close relationships with many respected industry bodies, Gao Feng has maintained his understanding of laws and regulations, potential threats and best practices, and been able to advise clients on probable future developments.

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