Gervase MacGregor

Gervase MacGregor

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Gervase MacGregor is the head of international advisory, risk and quality at BDO LLP. Gervase is one of the most experienced accounting expert witnesses in the United Kingdom and has extensive experience of international arbitrations. He has worked on cases in London (LCIA and ICC), Stockholm (SCC), Geneva (ICC), Paris (ICC, ICSID), Zurich (ICC, ad hoc cantonal) and Rotterdam (NAI). He has also worked on cases before the Court of First Instance of the European Communities, the High Court in London, the Copyright Tribunal and the Restrictive Practices Court.

He is the author of various books, including Expert Accounting Evidence, Solicitors Accounts and Surveyors, Architects and Estate Agents.. He has also written numerous articles for Accountancy and other technical publications. His main areas of expertise are in the fields of natural resources, particularly oil and gas claims; state/operator disputes; takeover disputes; regulatory matters; and valuing companies and damages.

Prior to joining BDO, he worked as a petroleum geologist in the North Sea, Australia and West Africa. He has investigated and reported on the affairs of the MG Rover Group and Phoenix Venture Holdings on behalf of the Secretary of State and DTI.

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