Goran Petrović

[email protected]

Goran Petrovic is a lawyer and lecturer of aviation law at SMATSA ANS Personnel Training Centre and SMATSA Aviation Academy. The primary fields of practice that Goran covers are aviation law, telecommunication law and labour law. He is the author of textbooks in aviation law for the training of air traffic controllers, air traffic safety electronic personnel and meteorological staff in air traffic control. He has also published several professional papers. Goran is very experienced in public international air law, international organisations, especially the ICAO, personnel licensing, providing air navigation services and cross-border service. IFATSEA, ATCEUC, Air Traffic Control Union and SRBATSEPA are organisations in which Goran is very active. He is also a member of the EALA-European Air Law Association. Goran is a native speaker of Serbian and is fluent in English.

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