Gunther Mävers

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Gunther Mävers is an equity partner with michels.pmks Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB, a boutique law firm with eight lawyers (and no fewer than seven labour lawyers) based in Cologne and operating throughout Germany.

Dr Mävers, a registered employment law specialist, is also a founding partner of the firm. Since the beginning of his law career, he has been active in all fields of labour and employment law. Among his specialisations is assisting international companies – especially Anglo-American ones – on cross-border matters and all the related labour law issues. Thanks to his worldwide network of independent partners, he also coordinates labour law matters for clients abroad together with foreign counsel. His clients include, in particular, companies in the automotive, IT and media sectors.

Beyond that, Dr Mävers has accumulated considerable experience in the field of corporate immigration law. He is also a board member of Visalaw International, as well as a global member of the Alliance of Global Business Immigration Lawyers, and regularly speaks at the sessions of the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee of the International Bar Association, where he was appointed chair for the term 2016/17, and he has been appointed treasurer of the IBA Global Employment Institute for the term 2018/2019

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