Irina Tarsis

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Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Irina Tarsis is an art historian and a practising attorney admitted to the bar in New York State. She earned her master’s degree in art history from Harvard University (Massachusetts) and her JD from the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law (New York). Ms Tarsis launched the Center for Art Law as a blog in 2008/2009. In 2012, she began offering internship opportunities to interested law students, invited guest writers to publish research articles with the Center for Art Law website and organised events to bring lawyers and artists together for meaningful conversations and exchanges of ideas. Under her leadership, the Center was incorporated as a stand-alone non-profit organisation in December 2017. Ms Tarsis has served on the faculty of the Teachers College, Columbia University (2020), the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law (2012, 2017–2018) and the European Shoah Legacy Institute’s provenance research training workshops in Lithuania (2013), Greece (2014) and Italy (2014).

An active member of multiple bar associations and art law committees in the US and Europe, she contributes to scholarship through regular publications and lectures on various topics, including resale royalty rights, due diligence in provenance research and fair use issues affecting visual arts. Her written publications include articles in the IFAR Journal, Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Journal, Cultural Heritage & Arts Review, Libraries & The Cultural Record, the ArtWatch UK Journal and the Institute of Art and Law’s journal, Art Antiquity and Law.

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