Jessica Stålhammar

Jessica Stålhammar

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Jessica heads the firm’s labour & employment law expert group and is also a member of the dispute resolution expert group.

Jessica works closely with companies’ HR departments, providing advice on both day-to-day operational and strategic issues and on labour & employment law negotiations and legal proceedings. She also, as part of the day-to-day operating activities, assists many foreign clients with cross-border relationships. Jessica is also much in demand as a public speaker and columnist in the field of labour & employment law.

Jessica Stålhammar began her career on the judiciary career path, but in 2000, she began working as a legal Associate with employment law at MAQS Law Firm. In 2009, she became a joint-owner of Wesslau Söderqvist. Jessica now has also almost 20 years’ experience of providing advice on every aspect of labour & employment law.

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