Karsten Kristoffersen

Karsten Kristoffersen

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Karsten Kristoffersen is managing partner at the Danish law firm Bruun & Hjejle, where he works in the firm’s dispute resolution group. He is engaged in proceedings both before the courts and in national and international arbitration cases. His main practice area is complex disputes involving financial and economic analyses. He has particular expertise in financial products, securities law, M&A, and oil and gas. He currently heads the Bruun & Hjejle team in, for example, the high-profile Hesalight litigation against the founder and CEO, the accountant and members of the board of directors of the former lighting company, and he represented Pandora A/S in the landmark acquittal in 2016 regarding disclosure of changed outlook. In 2003–2004, Karsten Kristoffersen completed an LLM in international economic law at New York University.

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