Kentaro Toda

Kentaro Toda

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Kentaro provides legal services in international disputes (including supporting discovery in foreign litigation); competition laws; foreign bribery regulations; and international trade issues (anti-dumping, economic sanctions, CFIUS, etc.).  In addition to supporting clients’ multi-jurisdiction, complex civil litigation, he has counseled various companies, officers and employees in the area of competition, and is familiar with the practice of handling investigations conducted by competition authorities in various jurisdictions, including Japan, the U.S. and Europe, and with civil actions in foreign countries including class actions.  Additionally, he has worked on many cases requiring merger filings in multi-jurisdiction matters, and is experienced in the merger filing practices of global M&A cases. He has deep knowledge of anti-dumping taxation investigations, and has counseled producers, importers and users with regard to investigations conducted by the Japanese government, producers with regard to investigations conducted by foreign authorities; and relevant authorities.  In addition, he vigorously engages in providing advice concerning the establishment of global compliance systems and serves as a lecturer at in-house training sessions on compliance.

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