Kota Yamaoka

Kota Yamaoka

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Kota Yamaoka is an associate at the Nagoya office of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto. He received his LLB from Chuo University in 2016 and joined the firm in 2019.

He has authored and co-authored a number of articles and books on labour law, including ‘Basics of Restructuring Employment and Human Resources - How to Properly Reduce Personnel Expenses and Workforce’ (Roumu Gyousei, October 2021), ‘Key Legal Topics Everyone Should Know About: Social Networking Services, Money and Labour, and Harassment’ (NPO Kidsdoor, September 2021), ‘Annual Summary of Labour-Related Court Decisions and Orders’ (2021 edition, Roumu Gyousei, June 2021), ‘Lawyer’s Selection: Important Court Decisions on Labour – Vol. 269: Tezuka Corporation Case (Validity of Refusal to Renew a Fixed-Term Employment Agreement with an Employee who Has Renewed Agreements Twice after Reaching the Mandatory Retirement Age)’ (Roumu Gyousei, March 2021), and ‘Lawyer’s Selection: Important Court Decisions on Labour – Vol. 221: Saga Prefectural High School Case (Claim for Damages Concerning Disclosure of Sick Leave)’ (Roumu Gyousei, November 2019).

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