Lin Zhou

[email protected]

With over 10 years of experience in fund formation and asset management-related practice areas, Ms Zhou has focused her practice on the formation and operations of various types of funds and other asset management products, including the structuring and the formation of venture capital funds, private equity funds, film and entertainment funds, sports funds, infrastructure funds, real estate funds, securities funds and other investment funds and asset management products. She has assisted in designing different fund structures, including master-feeder funds, alternative investment vehicles, parallel funds, co-investment funds and other multilevel structure arrangements, together with various organisational forms such as corporate funds, partnership funds, and contractual funds.

Ms Zhou has represented a number of managers in the asset management industry, including financial institutions, top reputable private equity fund managers and sponsors in the market.

Ms Zhou has a deep understanding of the laws, regulations and regulatory policies relating to the asset management industry and has been actively involved as a representative of lawyers in the communication and policy discussions on laws, regulations and implementing measures in the asset management industry with regulatory authorities such as the CSRC and the AMAC.

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