Lourenço Vilhena de Freitas

Lourenço Vilhena de Freitas

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A partner at Cuatrecasas since 2016, Lourenço Vilhena de Freitas has been a member of the Portuguese Bar Association since 1996. He obtained the highest grade on aggregate (muito bom).

He also advises on infrastructure, energy, public law, litigation and arbitration, and town planning.

A tenured professor at Universidade de Lisboa since 2011, where he holds the regency in several subjects and coordinates the Energy Law Project. Lourenço also lectures at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

He was aid to the Secretary of State for Taxation (XV Constitutional Government – 2002); deputy chief of staff of the State Department of Public Administration (XVI Constitutional Government – 2004); and deputy aid to the President’s Cabinet (XVI Constitutional Government – 2005). A lawyer at the Centre for Taxation Studies (2002), he was also a member of the Administrative Reform Committee in the XVI Constitutional Government. He advised on the legislative reform of the oil sector concerning production, storage and transportation, and on the contentious-administrative reform in Guinea-Bissau as a member of the Law School of Bissau. He also advised on the Portuguese Cultural Heritage Act.

Having published several articles, Lourenço participated in legislative reform committees in Portugal and abroad. He is a member of the International Law Association, the Portuguese International Law Society, and the Portuguese Association of European Law.

Member of the group of experts of UN SCAD (United Nations Security Council Affairs Division), he is also arbitrator at CAAD (Administrative Arbitration Centre) and former vice-president of the Centre for Arbitration and Litigation at Universidade de Lisboa.

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