Luis Horacio Moreno IV

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Luis Horacio Moreno IV is an associate at Alfaro Ferrer & Ramírez. He has been an associate at AFRA since 2010, concentrating his practice on the areas of acquisition and procurement law; government concessions and permits; telecommunications law; public transportation; energy law; administrative law; infrastructure; contracts: and general commercial law.

Luis is also a professor of administrative law at Santa María La Antigua Catholic University (USMA). He obtained his Bachelor of Law and Political Science at USMA in 2009, after which he went to Duke University School of Law and obtained a Master of Laws (LLM) in 2010. He obtained a Master of Law (LLM) in tax law from the Specialized University of Certified Public Accountants (UNESCPA) in 2013, and a Master of Business Administration for Law Firms (MBA) from the Superior Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE) in 2015. In 2017, Luis received his Certificate in Public Procurement Law from the Latin University of Panama, and the Certificate from the Public–Private Partnerships: Implementing Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean (ES), from the Public–Private Partnerships programme of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB edX).

Mr Moreno is a member of the Panama Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE). He was chair of the Legislation and Taxation Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama (AMCHAM) in 2015 and 2016, Secretary of the Administrative Law Commission of the Panama Bar Association in 2016, Secretary of the Law Commission of APEDE in 2017/2018 and Director and Secretary of AMCHAM in 2017–2018.

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