M Fevzi Toksoy

M Fevzi Toksoy

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Dr M Fevzi Toksoy is an EU law specialist and an economist with master’s degrees from Istanbul and Brussels (ULB) on European Union law and economics and a PhD in EU competition law. Dr Toksoy focuses on EU and Turkish competition law and international trade remedies. He is the founding partner of ACTECON and offers solutions to customers in competition investigations, merger clearances and preventive competition compliance programmes.

After 1997, when the Turkish Competition Authority became active, he focused on EU and Turkish competition law and advised clients in the majority of the investigations conducted by that authority. He also prepared many successful merger notifications, negative clearance and exemption applications in a variety of industries.

Dr Toksoy has broad experience in customs union-related issues such as parallel trade, customs duties and anti-dumping. He has contributed in a variety of anti-dumping investigations conducted in different industries by various investigating authorities. He has combined his competition law knowledge with his broad experience of economic aspects of antitrust matters across a wide range of industries, particularly in M&A transactions, restrictive practices, distribution systems and abuse of dominance.

Dr Toksoy has advised multinational companies regarding the Turkish part of their M&A transactions and is especially renowned for his experience in complicated merger control cases. He has successfully negotiated remedies with the Turkish Competition Authority in many complex merger cases. He has a practical experience in public and private sector competition law related commercial problems in Turkey. He also conducts competition compliance programmes in different industries and leads and designs workshops and training sessions for major companies.

He serves as an expert member of the Competition Law and WTO Committees of the Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists’ Association. He is an Associate Member of ABA and a member of the antitrust and M&A committees and national reporter of the International Antitrust Committee. He is a non-governmental agent of the Turkish Competition Authority to the International Competition Network.

He is the co-author of Competition Law and Policy in Automotive Industry, was chief editor of Competition Bulletin (2000–2002) and editor of Competition Board Decisions Vols I, II, III and IV.

Dr Toksoy has been the guest of round tables on the legislative amendments of the Turkish Competition Law hosted by the Competition Authority. He lectures EU and Turkish Competition Law at Marmara University EU Institute.

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