Mazor Matzkevich

Mazor Matzkevich

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Mazor Matzkevich is a partner at M Firon & Co, heading the competition, antitrust and regulatory affairs department.

Ms Matzkevich’s practice focuses on all aspects of antitrust including litigation in administrative and criminal cases, merger notifications and the new Concentration Law and Food Law.

Ms Matzkevich joined the Israel Antitrust Authority in 1998, and between 1999 and 2002 led the Authority’s Criminal Division. Ms Matzkevich supervised the Authority’s prosecutors and represented the Authority at the district courts and the Supreme Court, leading the key criminal cases of the Authority, including the first case in which prison sentences were imposed on cartel members.

In addition, Ms Matzkevich was responsible for the Authority’s regulatory activity in sectors such as professional organisations, water and the environment.

In 2003, after being admitted to the New York State Bar, Ms Matzkevich joined the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as a staff attorney. During her six-year tenure, Ms Matzkevich practised both antitrust and consumer protection law, and was the lead counsel or co-counsel of merger and non-merger cases involving various industries, including high-tech, retail, pharmaceuticals, agro-chemistry, energy, hospitals and food.

Ms Matzkevich was part of the FTC’s litigation team in the North Texas Specialty Physicians and Whole Foods/Wild Oats cases. She also took part in the Intel investigation.

In 2010, Ms Matzkevich joined the law firm of Epstein Chomsky, Osnat and Co as a partner, until its merger with M Firon in 2016.

Ms Matzkevich has authored several professional publications, including the Israeli chapter in Merger Control (2011, 2014 and 2017; JF Francois Bellis and P Elliot, Van Bael & Bellis).

Ms Matzkevich was elected one of the 100 leading women worldwide in competition law by Global Competition Review in 2016, and was recognised as a ‘Competition Future Leader Partner’ by Who’s Who Legal 2017.

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